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Find your favourite .COLLEGE domain:

The .college domain is suitable for colleges and student organizations, college houses, etc. Save your successful web presence with a .college domain now.


Prices and periods for .college domain

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Premium Domains

Premium domains are different from standard ones in that they have more attractive names (i.e. names for which there is greater demand). Usually, these are names that are short, easy to type and remember, coincide with popular names and expressions, names of famous people, events, places, fashion trends, famous brands, etc.

Premium domains may be both new domains, as well as domains that have been registered (active) for a period of time.

For domains that are being registered for the first time, the registration price is determined solely by the attractiveness of the domain name. For premium domains that have already been registered and active for a certain period, the price depends, apart from the domain name, on its history, site popularity, "age," economic tendencies, and other factors.

The prices of premium domains start from several dollars and can reach up to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

For some of the premium domains, the higher price is only paid once, and each year the price for domain renewal is the standard for its area.

There are, however, domains for which the renewal price is equal or close to the registration one.

For more information about premium domains, please visit our help page.