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No special technical background required
No special technical background required
Fully functional online store
Fully functional online store
Many new features
Many new features
Updates and high level of security
Updates and high level of security
Online consultation with an expert
Online consultation
with an expert
Hosting included
24/7 support
24/7 monitoring

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We are glad to share the experience of our clients, who trusted Shopiko's platform with the start of their online business.
Your success is our success, as well!

Shopiko turned out to be a very stable and extremely easy to use system for the small and medium businesses.
The greatest benefit of the system is that it is exceptionally stable. Being in а working process for about a year now, it has never shown a breakdown, as for the integration with courier companies, it has been flawless – you are one click away from creating a waybill and forward it to the customers. This made it extremely easy for our working process.
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Zornitsa Hristeva

We are not specialists and we don’t have a base to compare, but from personal experience we can say that this platform is built in such a way, so that anyone can operate with it, without even having previous knowledge or training for it. The possibility for a 14-day trial test is amazing, the help of the Shopiko’s consultants is priceless! We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their exceptional responsiveness and understanding, which give us a feeling of peace and security. You know that in case something goes wrong, there is someone on the other side to help you out.
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Vili Zlateva

This platform is really giving us the chance to have the website of our dreams, just the way we imagine it. We can create the site by ourselves, quick and easy, and that saves us from long processes that are not our main concern, which in fact is creating raw cakes and marketing them. The team and the support from Shopiko are incredible, and the flexibility of he platform is on a great level.
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Iva Nankinska