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WordPress hosting
for your super fast and secure site



Perfect for personal WordPress blog
1 year, 48.00
  • Ready to use WordPress
  • 15 GB disk space
  • ~ 12 000 visits/month
  • Server power x 1
  • up to 3 Backups + Professional Restore
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Perfect for company WordPress website
1 year, 79.00
  • Ready to use WordPress
  • 50 GB disk space
  • ~ 36 000 visits/month
  • Server power x 3
  • up to 5 Backups + Professional Restore
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Additional WordPress Speed Up


Perfect for WooCommerce store
1 year, 146.00
  • Ready to use WordPress
  • 150 GB disk space
  • ~ 100 000 visits/month
  • Server power x 6
  • up to 7 Backups + Professional Restore
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Additional WordPress Speed Up
  • Free GoGetSSL Domain SSL
* All prices are for new services for a period of 12 months. Discounts for the remaining periods are indicated in the drop-down menus. Renewing prices are in  below. All prices are VAT incl.
Free WordPress plugins and toolsFree
WordPress plugins and tools
Impeccable customer serviceImpeccable
Unlimited trafficUnlimited
Complete protection from hacker attacksComplete protection
from hacker attacks
DDoS protectionDDoS protection

WordPress Tools and Parameters

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
Pre-Installed WordPress

You get a complete solution and could start publish articles, news or another content at your WordPress website.

+ + +
Console management (WP-CLI)

This tool allows you to manage WordPress site through a console. You could activate it from WordPress Manager by SuperHosting.

- + +
Move website to another URL

If you want to load your WordPress website from another URL, you could move it only by few clicks.

- + +
Copy an installation to a new URL address

If you make some changes to your WordPress website, you could copy the installation to a new address and visualize changes before they are uploaded to your website primary URL.

- + +
Additional WordPress speed up

Speed Up your website by installing and configuring W3 Total Cache and Memcached with only three clicks. You will find them in WordPress Manager by SuperHosting.

- + +
Modify administrator's information

You could quick and easy modify website administrator's information - username, email and password, as well as the installation main (system) email.

+ + +
Additional security for website administration access

You could increase security by setting additional username and password for website administration (wp-admin) access.

+ + +
Cron Jobs Optimization (WP - Cron)

Option to move the execution of WP-Cron from WordPress to cPanel and speed up your website.

+ + +
Remove Installation + + +
Import Installations

Manage quickly and easily all WordPress installations in your hosting account.

+ + +
New installation with just a click

Option to quickly and easily make a new WordPress installation in your hosting account.

+ + +
New installation advanced options

An option to set MySQL database name, MySQL username, MySQL database password and table name prefix when making a new WordPress installation.

+ + +
Over 2000 themes selection

You could use for free popular and interesting WordPress themes with the installer.

+ + +
Additional security checks for higher security.

Check how secure your website is and apply additional protections.

+ + +
Option to activate additional protections

A list of suggestions for additional protections to activate and increase your website security.

+ + +

Additional WordPress Protections

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
Unique administrator usernames check

Change common usernames as admin or administrator with unique administrator usernames.

+ + +
Database tables prefix change

Change wp_ prefix with one more complex and harder to guess.

+ + +
Configuration file wp-config.php security

The configuration file wp-config.php, which contains the entire information about your WordPress webstie is protected from unathorized access.

+ + +
Option to hide directory content

Restrict unauthorized users from viewing your WordPress website directory content by one click.

+ + +
Keys security

Option to generate new, highly complex information encryption keys.

+ + +
Hide WordPress version from website source code

Option to hide WordPress version from website source code and increase security.

+ + +
Media files directory (wp-content/uploads) protection

This directory is protected and PHP files containing malicious code cannot be executed.

+ + +
System directory wp-includes protection

Option to forbid the execution of PHP scripts in this directory.

+ + +
Site administration additional protection

Option for additional WordPress administration protection by additional username and password.

+ + +
Hide Web-accessible archives

If you have web-accessible archives in your hosting account, you could hide them with one click and increase your website security.

+ + +
Site theme and plugins directory protection (wp-content)

Option to forbid execution of PHP scripts in the directory. We recommend you to activate medium level of security.

+ + +
Option to disable XML-RPC Functions

Option to forbid access to this file and considerably decrease the possibility of Brute Force attack towards this website.

+ + +
File editing from the admin panel protection

Option to enable protection that forbids PHP files, which are part of plugins or themes to be edited. By disabling file editing from the admin panel you will increase your hosting account security.

+ + +

Main Features

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting

You get MySQL and different PHP versions which guarantees your websites correct work. You also get easy to use cPanel for websites and mailboxes management.

+ + +
Mailboxes (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)

You can easily create and manage mailboxes and еmail accounts without restriction in their count (for example,,, etc.).

Unlimited for all plans
SPAM protection

For every email there is SPAM protection activated. Intelligent SPAM protection has machine learning system which betters SPAM protection a lot.

Standard Intelligent Intelligent
Premium SPAM and virus protectionnew €23.40/year for all plans

Thanks to ALL SSD technology, which is implemented to our servers, client websites load up to 10 times faster compared to websites located on ordinary HDD disks.

+ + +
HTTP/2 enabled servers

HTTP/2 is the latest HTTP version which enables browsers to load websites faster. All of our hosting plans support HTTP/2 so that your visitors can load each web page much faster.

+ + +
Disk space

Disk space and number of files, directories and email messages which you can use for each hosting plan.

15 GB
90,000 Inodes
50 GB
180,000 Inodes
150 GB
270,000 Inodes
Monthly visits

Estimated number of website visits per month when hosting account resources are used optimally.

~ 12,000 ~ 36,000 ~ 100,000
Monthly bandwidth

Bandwidth provided from/to the website.

Unlimited for all plans
Memory (RAM)

Size of Memory (RAM) which is used for your website needs.

1 GB (RAM) 1 GB (RAM) 2 GB (RAM)
SuperChache for extremely fast speed

SuperCache can speed up your website up to 100x! SuperCache is a web server caching mechanism, which is able to cache static and dynamic content of your website. Once a given page is cached, it will load much faster for all future website visitors!

- - +
Free Instant Setup

You will be able to upload content to your WordPress website or create mailboxes through cPanel just within few minutes after your order activation.

+ + +
Backup on remote servers

Your account data is protected and could be restored from a backup anytime if necessary. For different plans we generate up to three, five and seven Backup copies per week.

up to 3 per week up to 5 per week up to 7 per week
Quick and easy backup recovery

Backup Manager by SuperHosting enables you to generate, download or recover content from previously generated backups only per one click. This is a plugin specially developed by us which you could find in cPanel.

+ + +
Professional Restore

Our specialists will manually restore your WordPress website in details, until it works correctly.

+ + +
MySQL v.5.7 (MariaDB v10.6), PostgreSQL databases

MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL are database management systems (DBMS). That parameter indicates the allowed number of databases for a hosting account.

50 500 1000
PHP versions 8.3 - 5.2

PHP is a popular programming language for building dynamic and interactive websites. By supporting different PHP versions we provide necessary version for correct work of your WordPress website.

+ + +
Python 3.11 - 2.7

Python is a popular programming language for building interactive projects. By supporting different Python versions we provide necessary version for correct work of Python based frameworks as Django.

Check the option for plan upgrade in your customer profile.
+ +
NodeJS 6 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 20

NodeJS is a popular programming language that lets you create interactive web projects. We provide the right version for the right NodeJS-based structure, such as ExpressJS for example.

Check the option for plan upgrade in your customer profile.
Check the option for plan upgrade in your customer profile.
Add-on domains (Additional Sites)

The add-on domains enable you to host multiple websites on a single hosting account. All websites share the parameters (disk space, bandwidth, CPU time, etc.) of the hosting account.

You could locate one website in your hosting account for plan SuperStart. Look at our offers for upgrade to a higher plan in your client profile.
50 150

A subdomain is a part of the domain that is located in front of the main domain and is separated by means of a period ('.') Example: Domain -, subdomain -

200 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts

Represents the number of users having FTP access to the hosting account (are enabled to transfer files between a PC and the hosting account through FTP client such as FileZila).

50 500 Unlimited
SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH (Secure shell) is a protocol used to administer and perform commands on a remote server. SSH provides a high level of security for communication. In order to establish a connection through SSH, a console is used — an SSH Client.

- Free upon request Free upon request
Manage Git Repositories

Keep different versions of your website with Git Repositories in your Hosting Account. Creating and managing Repository is possible from both the command line and the control panel. It is suitable for collaboration among developers, so they can edit, stage, and commit changes to a feature branch. The repository tracks all changes made to files in your project, building a history over time.

- + +
Dedicated IP Address

Your account can be transferred to a static (dedicated) IP address upon request.

6.17/month 6.17/month 6.17/month
SSL Certificates Support

SSL certificates increase users trust by providing them with encrypted (https://) connection when entering confidential information.

+ + +
30-Day Money Back Guarantee (с връщане на заплатената сума)

You could convince in our services quality and if it doesn't answer your expectations we will give your money back.

+ + +

Discounts and Freebies

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
Search engine and directory submission

Website registration in the 30 most popular Bulgarian and international search engines and directories.

30.00 30.00 30.00
Free SSL Certificate (GoGetSSL Domain SSL) for 12 months

Provide secure encrypted connection between web browser and web server for your website. GoGetSSL Domain SSL is basic Domain validation type of SSL certificate. It is quick to issue and easy to install.Certificate provides an encrypted connection between the server (website) and the customer's browser. This way it gains user's trust as it provides the necessary level of security when they have to enter confidential information.

- - +

Email Features

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
Webmail Roundcube

You can access your email at any time by using software installed on your computer (email client) or via Internet through Webmail. Webmail is available in one version: RoundCube.

+ + +
Accurate and adjustable SPAM filter 

You can enable the SpamAssassin filter per mailbox, and configure it to filter mail according to your criteria.

+ + +
SPAM protection

For every email there is SPAM protection activated. Intelligent SPAM protection has machine learning system which betters SPAM protection a lot.

Standard Intelligent Intelligent
Support for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone, etc.

You can send and receive email from mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone, and more. 

+ + +
Autoresponder settings

Configure quick and easy your mailbox to auto-respond to each email when you are away.
More information about setting up an Email Autoresponder.

+ + +
Filters setup and management

cPanel allows you to configure your email to filter incoming messages according to criteria you have set up.

+ + +
Email forwarding

Using cPanel you can configure additional email addresses for forwarding if, for example, you would like to receive a copy of your emails in a different mailbox.
Further details on email address forwarding

+ + +

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is used for email check from mail client, as received messages are not downloaded to the device from where the email is checked, but are stored on a mail server.

+ + +

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is used to receive emails, as messages are downloaded from a mail server and stored on the device from where the email is checked. As an option, it's also possible to leave mail on the server after download.

+ + +

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for sending emails.

+ + +
Encrypted (SSL) connection support for mail checking

Your correspondence will be as secure as possible when checking your email through an encrypted (SSL) connection.

+ + +
Mailing lists

You can easily create a list of email addresses, for example Each message sent to the address, will be forwarded to all email addresses included in this list.

1 5 20

Advanced System Parameters

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
CPU time (per month)

Allowed CPU time applications in an account may consume (1 min. = One individual CPU core, loaded at 100% utilization rate for one-minute duration).

900 minutes 3300 minutes 4800 minutes
Apache simultaneous connections

Count of allowed simultaneous web server connections.

100 for all plans
Fast CGI PHP processes

Allowed number of simultaneously running PHP processes from all web applications in a hosting account which uses FastCGI protocol. Each FastCGI process can work on multiple requests.

15 for all plans
Files/Directories (INODES)

Count of directories, files and symlinks that a single hosting account supports.

90 000 180 000 270 000
SQL database size

SQL database size allowed.

Up to 1 GB for all plans
Total database size

Full allowed size of all databases located in a hosting account.

Up to 1 GB Up to 2 GB Up to 4 GB
Tables in a database

Allowed number of tables in a single SQL database.

1000 for all plans
MySQL queries (per hour)

Allowed number of SQL server queries allowed, for one hour.

100 000 for all plans
Simultaneous MySQL connections

Number of SQL server simultaneous queries allowed per SQL user.

30 for all plans
Sent email message count per hour

Number of email messages allowed to be sent within one hour. Due to security measures every hosting account is activated with a setting to send up to 350 emails per hour. An option for increase is available in your client profile.

Up to 350 Up to 1050 Up to 1400
Memory (RAM)

Size of Memory (RAM) which is used for your website needs.

1 GB (RAM) 1 GB (RAM) 2 GB (RAM)
CloudLinux processes

Allowed number of simultaneously running processes in one hosting account.

30 60 100

Execution speed of Input/Output processes or requests to the server and their answers.

2 MB/sec or 100 IOPS 4 MB/sec or 200 IOPS 8 MB/sec or 300 IOPS

cPanel Tools

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
Hosting panel cPanel

It is easy to create website or email with cPanel. Even users with no technical knowledge can manage their web projects with ease, using cPanel.

+ + +
Scheduled tasks (Cron Jobs)

Cron Jobs is an automated process to execute tasks at specific dates and times. Processes that need to be executed repeatedly can be configured to run on a timeframe (e.g. hourly, daily or weekly).

+ + +
File Manager

With File Manager you could upload, download, delete, edit file permissions, etc. directly on the server through the cPanel.

+ + +
File Editor (HTML, PHP, etc.)

The file editor allows editing of the file content directly on the server through the cPanel.

+ + +
Optimal PHP performance with FastCGI

Increase efficiency and speed up website performance with FastCGI protocol for different programming languages script processing.

+ + +
Accelerating PHP with APC, eAccelerator, Opcache

APC, eAccelerator, Opcache are caching modules, helping to enhance PHP script performance. Redundant PHP script execution at every request is eliminated by caching. Modules are executed once and the result is saved, usually to shared memory or disk, or both. Upon subsequent access to a cached script, the result can be re-used for further execution requests.

+ + +
Various PHP modules support

Our servers support various PHP modules that can be quickly activated from the cPanel -> "PHP Manager by SuperHosting".  See a list of supported PHP modulesOur servers support various PHP modules that can be quickly activated from the cPanel -> "PHP Manager by SuperHosting". 
See a list of supported PHP modules.

+ + +
PHP directives settings

The user-friendly interface allows you to change PHP settings (PHP directives). The most often used directives are selected in accordance with the chosen PHP version.

+ + +
Easy PHP.INI editing

You can edit a PHP.INI file yourself in the hosting account, so that the settings may correspond as much as possible with the application’s needs.

+ + +
Site traffic stats

You can track site visitors, generated traffic, search engine site indexing and much more in the cPanel.

+ + +
MIME types

MIME types provide browsers with information how to interpret and display files with certain extensions, to load a website correctly. For example, text/html mime type corresponds to .htm, .html, and .shtml extensions.

+ + +
Active server processes tracking

You could track and control active server processes via the hosting account's user interface. Very useful for website diagnostics and development.

+ + +
Server resources usage stats

You could track server resource usage stats per account via the user interface, including CPU load, memory usage and a number of processes. Very useful option when evaluating website performance.

+ + +
Easy file and directory tracking interface (INODES)

Monitoring and support of the Inodes system parameter enables seamless generation of backups and provides for file system efficiency, and results in the improvement of website performance and speed.

+ + +
Secure remote access to the databases

For database administration trouble-free access to your hosting account is available via a secure remote VPN connection.

+ + +

SH Protect - Hosting Account Protection

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
DDos Protection

The DDoS defense system protects our hosting services on a network level. It provides websites normal work by neutralizing DDoS attacks targetеd towards our equipment. The system detects 95% of the known types of DDoS attacks.

+ + +
24/7 Unauthorized mailbox access monitoring

Monitoring system developed to 24/7 monitor and intercept unauthorized third party access attempts to mailboxes, managed by the hosting account.

+ + +
Mailboxes protection

If a malicious person or bot tries to guess a password and get access to someone's email, there is big possibility that he will fail. The system we developed defends mailboxes from unauthorized access attempts, reducing data misuse, and filtering out SPAM messages.

+ + +
Protection against SPAM publications

Our system prevents attempts to post unauthorized content to websites (SPAM) in the form of blog or forum opinions and comments, while allowing authorized content publishing.

+ + +
Website security issues and WordPress vulnerabilities protection

With us your website is protected from malicious actions which take advantage of common security flaws and vulnerabilities to access your website.

+ + +
Hacked WordPress website clean-up

If client website is hacked, we will detect and remove the malicious script. Then we will improve our security system so this website and other clients websites couldn't be affected in the same way.

+ + +

Super Support

Product Comparison: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
Ticket System (Help Desk) 24/7 for all plans
Email Support 24/7 for all plans
Phone Support 24/7 for all plans
Chat Support 24/7 for all plans

Renewal prices

Term: SuperStart SuperPro SuperHosting
1 month 9.00 14.00 25.00
1 year 97.00 165.00 290.00
We provide reliable hosting for over 140,000 WordPress websites!