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About SuperHosting.BG

Get to know us behind the services!


SuperHosting.BG is the largest and the fastest growing hosting company in Bulgaria. We are the most popular choice for a hosting partner in the country – our quality of service, exceptional customer care and 24/7 technical support are the features our customers value the most.

Our portfolio includes a full range of hosting services:
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Our main goal

We work towards offering a complete solution for your situation, rather than a simple hosting service.
We rely on a top-qualified team and leading technical equipment.
As we learn every day we work toward applying that knowledge into improving our customers’ experience.

Customer care

We understand the importance of gaining our customers’ trust.
We support 24/7 and we work until the issue is done with, always giving our best.

We are a customer of someone, too!

Treat people like you want to be treated. Simple but true.

Why SuperHosting?

The choice of a strategic hosting partner is essential for your business.
We appreciate your trust, work hard to keep our company top of mind as a partner, and are committed to provide you the most value for your money.
By entrusting SuperHosting.BG to be your hosting provider, you receive:

24/7 tech support24/7 tech support
Customer ServiceOutstanding customer
Quality and security of services Security and reliability
of your websites
DDoS защита на инфраструктурата DDoS protection
Proportion between price and quality Balance between
cost and quality
30-day money back guarantee 30-day money back guarantee*
* We will refund money spent on the hosting service. You will retain the rights of your registered domain with no refund paid.
Infrastructure and equipment
Infrastructure and equipment
Infrastructure and equipment

Infrastructure and Equipment

Our job is to keep and protect the content you host on our servers. There could be no compromise with the quality of equipment we use. We deliver 99.9% uptime for our services.*
Our servers are collocated in a specialized, highest-class data center of Equinix**. This data center offers complete redundancy (N+1) and physical separation for all power supply systems, air conditioning, connectivity and protection of our technical equipment.
* This is a mean value for all servers, for a period of 12 months. Maintenance is not included.
** Equinix is world’s leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centers, operating facilities in city locations across Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Security and reliability

Security is a priority we do not make compromise with. The defense system against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks applies to our entire infrastructure so that it keeps all our customers' websites safe all the time.
We developed and integrated SH Protect - active security system for all manageable services as we also created a few hundred signatures (rules) that recognize and prevent thousands of malicious activities. Every day we improve the Security system to raise its level of awareness.
We guarantee your website's security by taking responsibility that we will remove any malicious code if somehow it gets compromised.

Our Story

We turned our startup into the fastest-growing hosting company in Bulgaria during the past eleven years.

  • Today we own a 44.78% share of the local market. We were founded in 2005, and in a matter of 5 years Superhosting.BG Ltd. was the number one hosting business on the Bulgarian market. We’ve made a couple of acquisitions, in 2007 – DX Bulgaria Ltd., a hosting business (, and in 2008 - Internet Corporate Systems (
  • By mid-2014 we already supported more than 80,000 active websites and registered over 60,000 domains for our customers (10% of which are .bg domains). Our customers are large private and public enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, educational institutions, hospitals, small and medium business, and private individuals, among others.
  • We have won many awards over the years, including first place in the Service category at the 2008 International Web Festival in Albena and a special award from BG.Website in 2010 for our overall contribution to the web industry. In the following year we received the Sponsor of the Year Prize at the 2011 Eventex Awards.
  • We are members of the Bulgarian Web Association (BWA), the Bulgarian Association for E-commerce (BAеC), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Bulgaria, the UNINET Association, and we participate on the boards of directors of these respective organizations. SuperHosting.BG is Google’s first co-marketing partner in Bulgaria.
* The information is based on international ranking ( and is formed on the basis of the representative number of actual hosted domains.

The SuperTeam

The key to our success over the years is our SuperTeam!

We believe that Internet has the power to change the future. Be a part of the team that transforms digital ideas into reality and works to ensure a safe home for each web project. Let us grow and succeed together! Let's create value and change the future.
Take a look at our job positions and be a part of our Super Team!

What others think about us:

It's great to find out how satisfied your customers are with your work!
We have many reasons to celebrate success and we are proud that the media chooses to often cover our events.

ABC Design & Communication

We have been in the area of web business for a long time and we always strive to provide good quality services. Our clients require it. Our name requires it. The creation of a website is only one part of its life. Another important part is its hosting. This is why we prefer to rely only on professionals. And SuperHosting.BG are such professionals.

Justine Toms
Business Development Manager
ABC Design and Communication


I would like to congratulate you for the quality service you offer. Our working process at Calipers requires a reliable hosting partner. It turns out that we have found such in you. I am delighted from the quickness, attitude and the quality service system, which you have.

Dora Vasileva


We have been a client of SuperHosting.BG for several years and we would like to say that they have been very cooperative and helpful the whole time. What we appreciate the most is the exceptional quality of both their services and customer support. We are humbled to have been working with a company so committed to our mutual success.

George Kostov

Our success = shared success

We are pleased that we have more than partners –
we have SuperPartners and friends!

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